Citi Bike Offers 3 Pro Tips for Riding the New Bike

As we wrote about a month ago, Citi Bike has released 1000 newly designed bikes into the system over the past month. Having ridden both, I can vouch for the superior ride and well-functioning upgrades on the new design.

Citi Bike just released some pro tips for riding on the bike, if you haven't already.

  • Gears: The new gears shift in the opposite direction as the old ones, twist away from you for a higher gear (for flat streets), twist towards you for a lower gear (for chugging up any of the bridges). - Kickstands: The new kickstands are a European model (no, not like this), they provide more stability, but they’ll also take a minute to get used to. As you kick them down, allow the two sides to separate into two legs. Kick them back up and they’ll spring back together again automatically. - Seats: These ones go to 11. Great for taller people and Spinal Tap fans. They also have a cut-out for comfort and to allow water to drain and not pool (to help prevent cracking).

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