Check Out This Proposal To Turn LIC's Montauk Cutoff Into a Haven of Urban Wildlife

The Montauk Cutoff is an area in the south of Long Island City that is filled with decades-old abandoned railroad tracks and rail infrastructure.

A new proposal from Brooklyn Grange and BanG Studio dubbed the "Wild Line" is attempting to repurpose the land into a haven for urban wildlife.

The urbanization of the area surrounding Long Island Railroad's Montauk Cutoff has taken a toll on the ecological communities once present in Long Island City. The natural landscapes, once prevalent in the area are now few in number, and they are not ecologically productive enough to sustain diversity for either plant or animal life. Our proposal, the Wild Line, integrates nature into our everyday surroundings, so that ecological communities can build life in safety by creating space in which natural cycles can occur.

Check out the proposal for more info on the Wild Line.

h/t Curbed

Matt Coneybeare

Matt Coneybeare

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