Check Out The World's Smallest Michelin Star Restaurant, Here in New York City

The City has many restaurants that have earned 1, 2 or 3 Michelin Stars, but one of them is very special: it is the smallest Michelin Star rated restaurant in the world.

Williamsburg's Semilla prepares and offers its foods on only 465 square feet. Despite its diminutive size, the restaurant offers a variety of high-quality dishes focused on seasonal vegetables. They have just 18 coveted seats and you will find only 3 cooks and a dishwasher.

See how Semilla makes it work in this short video from our friends at Eater.

Necessity is the mother of invention at Semilla, an 18-seat tasting menu restaurant in Brooklyn’s South Williamsburg neighborhood. Limited kitchen space, a small staff, and a dedication to minimizing food waste overlap to yield a creative, very fresh menu, which was awarded a Michelin star last year. Watch the video above for a look at the space and the menu, and to hear more about restaurant’s philosophy from chef José Ramírez-Ruiz and pastry chef Pam Yung.

via Eater

Veronika Kostova

Veronika Kostova

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