Brooklyn Museum Showcases Unreleased Content From Basquiat’s Unknown Notebooks

The Basquiat: The Unknown Notebooks exhibition at the Brooklyn Museum takes museum goers back to a period of 1980’s Neo-Expressionism.

Showcasing unreleased content from eight notebooks belonging to New York City artist Jean Michel Basquiat, the combination of words and sketches gives the audience insight on the late creative craftsman’s inner most thoughts and artistic inspirations.

Brooklyn-born artist Jean-Michel Basquiat filled numerous notebooks with poetry fragments, wordplay, sketches, and personal observations ranging from street life and popular culture to themes of race, class, and world history.

This catalog of work displays the groundwork of some of his most popular pieces, in addition to his progression as an artist. The Unknown Notebooks exhibition will run through August 23rd, 2015.

Ravey Redd

Ravey Redd

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