Are You a Gentrifier? Take Slate's Quick Quiz to Find Out

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Are You a Gentrifier?
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Slate has an interesting article out titled Are You a Gentrifier? including an interactive quiz that takes your yearly household salary and basic family structure data, then compares it against the median for your neighborhood and regional area to estimate whether or not you are a gentrifier.

To the people who study gentrification, it’s more about where you live and how much you earn. Gentrifiers are people with medium or high incomes moving into low-income neighborhoods, attracting new business but raising rents, and often contributing to tensions between new and long-term residents. Sociologists coined the term, which alludes to the European gentry—and which has only become more loaded at a time of skyrocketing rents and profound demographic changes in American cities.

Click through to the full article to read more and take the quick quiz.

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