Zagat Hits the East Village's Sushi Dojo to Meet the City's Most Unlikely Sushi Chef

Sushi Dojo is a sushi restaurant that features two things out of the ordinary for this type of cuisine: a low price and a caucasian sushi chef behind the counter. Chef David Bouhadana is a talented chef who has studied the art of sushi from places in the U.S. like Morimoto as well as from famous sushi masters overseas in Japan.

At chef David Bouhadana's Sushi Dojo, diners can expect top-notch fish without the usual snobbery or high price tag.

In this short video from Zagat, editor and host Molly Moker sat down with the chef to talk about technique, approachable menus and chefs, and an unpretentious omakase.

via Zagat

Matt Coneybeare

Matt Coneybeare

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