You're Gonna Want To Work For LinkedIn After Touring Their Revamped Office Space in Empire State Building

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LinkedIn's Lobby

According to LinkedIn, monotonous grey cubicles are out and funky shared spaces are in. Inspired by social-business clubs of the 1920s, LinkedIn has created an office space that incorporates the City’s rich history with the sophisticated (yet relaxed) work culture of the 21st century.

The very collaborative atmosphere, which occupies seven floors of the Empire State Building, includes a wall dedicated to employee’s pets, open seating-style work and meeting spaces, and even a room solely used for games of pool. And let’s not forget the employee speakeasy lounge - maybe we really can work hard and play hard.

Before impulsive quitting your job to apply to LinkedIn, be sure to check out the full tour of the space.

Image 2
A Very Modern Meeting Room

Image 3
The Wall of Employee Pets

Image 4
The Secret Entry to the Employee Speakeasy Lounge

Image 5
LinkedIn's Collaborative Workspaces

Image 6
LinkedIn's Collaborative Workspaces

Image 7
A Pool Room Decorated with Bowler Hats

Ashley Jankowski

Ashley Jankowski

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