You Can Now Join A Meditation Class on the Floor of Your NYC Subway Station

Meditating in a New York subway station.
Meditating in a New York subway station.

Would you go to a subway station during rush hour to unwind? For most of us, this idea seems a bit counterintuitive. But for some of New York City's most adventurous meditation enthusiasts, it sounds like the ideal location.

Buddhist Insights, a not-for-profit organization, has a distinct goal: to bring the profoundly peaceful nature of meditation to the noisiest places in the City. The group holds its meditation classes in (extremely) public places, including underground subway stations, corporate lobbies, crowded sidewalks, and City parks.

These free classes are cleverly termed "Street Retreats". They serve as a way for City-dwellers to connect to Buddhist monastics, and perhaps disconnect with the bad-mannered monks found scamming tourists across the City. While you probably feel wary about joining a silent group of strangers on the side of the road, it might just be worth rethinking your attitude toward the places you find yourself each day.

"It's about establishing the attitude of meditating anywhere and making friends with your environment," explains Suddhaso. "Often, when we're meditating and there’s noise outside, we think, 'Oh, I could meditate if not for that noise.' The problem isn't the noise. What's disturbing your meditation is your attitude toward the noise."

The idea is that with a little focus, you can meditate anywhere. Meditation is not about quieting the hectic world around you, but rather quieting the hectic world within you - and we could all use some of that. Read the full article from Lion’s Roar to hear more about this trending group, and scroll through their schedule of free classes to try it out for yourself.

Meditation Class in a Corporate Lobby
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Ashley Jankowski

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