You Can Eat a 160-Day-Old Steak Aged in Whisky at The Beatrice Inn in the West Village

The Beatrice Inn is an upscale restaurant in the West Village that serves up the executive chef/owner Angie Mar's delicious New American cuisine.

In this video from Eater NY, watch senior editor and meat enthusiast Nick Solares join editor Kat Odell as they eat a 160-day-old steak aged in whiskey.

What goes better with dry-aged beef than whiskey? This week on The Meat Show, host and professional carnivore Nick Solares is joined by Consumed’s Kat Odell at The Beatrice Inn, a chophouse in New York’s West Village. The pair sample some of chef Angie Mar’s 160 day-old steak that has been aged in Jack Daniel’s — for all of the flavor but none of the bite of the booze.

via Eater

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