World Famous Mandolin Brothers Guitar Store on Staten Island Looking for Buyer

Mandolin Brothers is a world famous guitar shop in the West Brighton neighborhood of Staten Island. Since 1971, musicians from all over have come to buy and repair instruments, including celebrities such as Paul McCartney, Joni Mitchell and other world class musicians.

In this video from Gothamist producer Jessica Leibowitz we learn that the family-run business is looking to sell, following the death of founder Stan Jay.

"[The plan right now] is to find a new owner or buyer of the company and hopefully that person takes the company into the future in a positive way and maintains the rep we've established for the last 45 years," Alison said. "If we can't find that person, should he or she exist, we'll close the doors. We don't have a specific end date, but January is a's a new year. It gives us time to sell our inventory and to hopefully then shut the doors and do what you have to do when you close a business."

via Gothamist

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