Will Dailey's Music Video for "Castle of Pretending" Features the East River Piano

Boston-based singer/song-writer/performer/producer Will Dailey has won numerous awards for his music. Over his 7 albums, 10+ compilations and multiple production credits, Will has created quite a name for himself not only in Boston, but around the world. In this music video created for his track [Castle of Pretending](https://geo.itunes.apple.com/us/album/castle-of-pretending/id895653353?i=895653389%252529%25252C&ls=1&at=11l7j9&ct=viewingnyc&app=itunes Will traveled to New York City to shoot in the East River. Note that I said in the East River... the video features the famous and mysterious East River Piano that appeared half-submerged under the Brooklyn Bridge this past summer.

All of Will Dailey's music is available on iTunes.?ls=1&at=11l7j9&ct=viewingnyc&app=itunes This song, [Castle of Pretending](https://geo.itunes.apple.com/us/album/castle-of-pretending/id895653353?i=895653389%252529%25252C&ls=1&at=11l7j9&ct=viewingnyc&app=itunes appears on his latest album, National Throat.?ls=1&at=11l7j9&ct=viewingnyc&app=itunes

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