Watch What It's Like to Perform Singing Telegrams for New York City

Singing telegrams are an affordable and memorable way to fully embarrass your loved ones on birthday or other events, especially in a city as dense as New York.

In this video from Gothamist video producer Jessica Leibowitz, follow performer Bernard Davis from Big Apple Singing Telegrams as he performs several singing telegrams for three separate birthdays throughout a typical day.

The singing telegram industry is alive and well in New York City, proof of the timeless joy of embarrassing a friend, family member or colleague. A search of companies operating locally brought us to Big Apple Singing Telegrams, a business that's been delivering personalized 'grams since the late '70s. The company has been under the auspices of Jon Shipley since 2000, where its grown to include dozens of different costumes, songs and performers, many of whom have been in the business for several decades.

via Gothamist

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