[WATCH] Take This Virtual Stroll Down 5th Avenue From Trump Tower to the Empire State Building

The midtown stretch of Manhattan's Fifth Avenue is one of the most famous strips of road in the world. Lined with flagship locations of international retailers, iconic buildings and plazas, parks, and the private home the current U.S. President, the avenue brings tourists from all around to its sidewalks, making it one of the busiest in the City. Local YouTuber actionkid105 recently filmed a walk down the section of Fifth Avenue from Trump Tower on 57th Street to the Empire State Building on 34th so you can see what its like. Check it out!

I walk along 5th Avenue from the Trump Tower to the Empire State Building. This is highly debated to be the most famous street in the world, with retailers lining both sides of the Avenue. Some attractions along the way include Bryant Park, the main New York Public Library building, Rockefeller Center, Atlas Statue, and St. Patrick's Cathedral.

1:51 - 55th Street
4:30 - 53rd Street
6:03 - 52nd Street
7:56 - 51st Street
8:45 - Saint Patrick's Cathedral and the Atlas Statue at Rockefeller Center
10:27 - Looking at Rockefeller Center "30 Rock" (Top of the Rock Observation Building)
12:40 - 48th Street
14:05 - 47th Street (Entrance to the Diamond District)
17:15 - 45th Street
21:21 - 42nd Street
22:30 - New York Public Library Main Branch
23:45 - 40th Street
25:06 - 39th Street
27:30 - 37th Street (Empire State Building Ticket Hustler - Buy your tickets from the Empire State Building Ticket Office Directly or Online)
29:55 - 35th Street
30:48 - 34th Street (Looking Up at the Empire State Building)

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