[WATCH] Take a Bike Tour Down the Entire Bedford Avenue, New York City's Longest Street

Bedford Avenue is New York City's longest street*, stretching 132 blocks over 10.2 miles through the neighborhoods of Greenpoint, Williamsburg, Bedford-Stuyvesant, Crown Heights, Prospect-Lefferts Gardens, Flatbush, Midwood, and Sheepshead Bay. In this 70-minute long video from local YouTuber and cyclist actionkid105, watch as he bike's through its entirety.

I ride my bicycle through the entire length of Bedford Avenue from Emmons Avenue in Sheepshead Bay to Manhattan Avenue in Greenpont.

1:31 - Shore Parkway
4:50 - Avenue X
8:00 - Avenue U (Entering Madison)
11:37 - Quentin Road
12:33 - Avenue P (Entering Midwood)
13:08 - Kings Highway
14:23 - Avenue O
16:57 - Avenue L
20:50 - Avenue I
21:10 - Brooklyn College (Entering Flatbush - Ditmas Park)
24:45 - Flatbush Avenue
27:37 - Clarendon Road
30:52 - Church Avenue
33:20 - Clarkson Avenue (Entering Prospect Lefferts Gardens)
36:32 - Lincoln Road
37:00 - Sterling Street (Entering Crown Heights)
39:25 - Crown Street
41:38 - Eastern Parkway (NYPD pulls over a vehicle)
44:02 - Dean Street
44:30 - Atlantic Avenue (Entering Bedford-Stuyvesant)
46:45 - Jefferson Avenue
49:25 - Clifton Place
50:45 - Willoughby Avenue
53:00 - Flushing Avenue (Entering Williamsburg)
56:05 - Williamsburg Street
58:40 - Division Avenue
1:00:00 - Broadway
1:02:50 - Metropolitan Avenue
1:04:10 - North 6th Street
1:06:10 - North 9th Street
1:08:15 - Lorimer Street

*New York City's longest street: A few people have contacted me saying that Broadway is actually New York City's longest street with 15 miles between lower Manhattan up to the Bronx, however we don't believe this to be accurate. It may have been true in the past, but it is just not quite that long anymore. Broadway is now interrupted at several areas, such as through Union Square, Herald Square and Times Square where it has once flowed through. There are many segments of Broadway, but I wouldn’t call them continuous, therefore they cannot be the longest. There is no way to traverse the 15 miles on Broadway without going on other side streets along the way.

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Bedford Avenue
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