Check Out This POV Walking Tour Through the Heavily Orthodox South Williamsburg Neighborhood

Local YouTuber actionkid105 spends a lot of time walking or biking through neighborhoods around the city, filming them from a POV perspective so you can see what it's like to be there yourself. In this recent upload to his channel, watch as he explores the streets of the heavily Orthodox neighborhood of South Williamsburg.

I walk in NYC through the neighborhood of South Williamsburg, Brooklyn. This part of Williamsburg is populated mainly by Orthodox Jews. Here you will see many Jewish establishments, delis, bakeries, stores, temples, places of worship, and schools.

1:13 - Broadway & Rutledge Street
4:22 - Division Avenue & Broadway
6:33 - Division Avenue & Keap Street
9:30 - Division Avenue & Rodney Street
13:00 - Lee Avenue & Roebling Street
15:50 - Lee Avenue & Rodney Street
19:00 - Lee Avenue & Hewes Street
23:08 - Lee Avenue & Lynch Street
26:42 - Flushing Avenue & Lee Avenue
30:10 - Bedford Avenue & Flushing Avenue
32:45 - Bedford Avenue & Heyward Street
36:07 - Bedford Avenue & Hewes Street
39:25 - Bedford Avenue & Rodney Street
42:35 - Bedford Avenue & Taylor Street
45:25 - Division Avenue & Bedford Avenue
47:45 - Division Avenue & Wythe Avenue
52:45 - Kent Avenue & Clymer Street
55:20 - Kent Avenue & Wilson Street
59:22 - Kent Avenue & Hooper Street
1:00:51 - Kent Avenue & Williamsburg Street West
1:04:07 - Flushing Avenue & Williamsburg Street West (Good Samaritan Removes Loose Wooden Construction Material Caught Under Moving Car)

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