Check Out This Walking Tour of Queens' Northern Boulevard From Long Island City to Woodside

YouTuber actionkid105 recently filmed this interesting 35-minute POV video showing a long walk down Northern Boulevard in Queens, from Long Island City to Woodside. Check it out!

I walk Northern Boulevard from Long Island City to Woodside in Queens. I start at Queens Plaza at the intersection of Queens Boulevard, Jackson Avenue, and Northern Boulevard, and end at the intersection of 54th Street, Broadway, and Northern Boulevard.

2:25 - 41st Avenue
5:35 - 31st Street
7:39 - Honeywell Street
10:05 - 34th Street
12:15 - 36th Street
15:56 - 39th Street / Steinway Street
19:12 - 42nd Street
20:26 - 42nd Place
22:32 - 45th Street
26:10 - 48th Street
28:44 - 50th Street
30:48 - Woodside Avenue

via YouTube

Matt Coneybeare

Matt Coneybeare

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