WATCH: People Can't Get Enough of Samson, New York City's Largest Cat

A few weeks ago, we introduced a 28lb cat named Samson to you, and his story is going viral! People all around the world can't get enough of Samson!

Learn more about the giant cat an his human In this video from producer Jessica Leibowitz for Gothamist.

The first thing you need to know about Samson is that Samson isn't fat. Samson is a naturally large cat with a lot of fur and a lot of length (he's four feet long!). The purebred Maine coon is four years old and weighs around 28 pounds, according to his owner Jonathan Zurbel, who claims he is the "largest cat in the city."

Check out Samson's Instagram for official photos of the giant cat.

via Gothamist

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