[WATCH] More on The Air Quality Dress as it Passes Through 8 Different NYC Income Zones

Interactive Median Revenue Dress: Acting as a Social Interface
Interactive Median Revenue Dress: Acting as a Social Interface

Earlier this week, we posted a video about an interesting dress that would detect microscopic particles in the air—the ones that are too small for your lungs to filter out—and illuminate the garment to help visualize air pollution. In this video from researcher/artist Dominique Paul, watch as she and the dress go through 8 different New York City neighborhoods of varying income levels to see how wealth affects air quality.

This dress shows online data translated back into the physical space where it originated from. The data is the Median household income form the US Census Bureau. It is very detailed ranging from a red color code to a blue color for the highest income : 0-15000$, 15-25,000$, 25-50,000$, 50-75,000$, 75-100,000$, 100-15,000$, 150-200,000$ and 200,000$ +

Check out the accompanying map to see results from around the City.

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