Asthma Alley: a Short Documentary on the Air-Quality Beleaguered South Bronx

In this short 10-minute mini-documentary from GroundTruth Films, see how air pollution in the South Bronx is causing an epidemic of asthma and other lung diseases at an alarming rate. You will meet Cynthia Ruales, an asthmatic student from the neighborhood who finds hope in her saxophone.

Cynthia lives with her mother in an area of the South Bronx known as “asthma alley” where the rate of this chronic disease is 8 to 12 times higher than the national average. While Cynthia fears the drug and gang violence that define her neighborhood, she worries even more about the daily assault on her body caused by the highways, truck thoroughfares, and open-air industrial facilities that surround her.

Matt Coneybeare

Matt Coneybeare

Editor in Chief

Matt enjoys exploring the City's with his partner and son. He is an avid marathon runner, and spends most of his time eating, running, and working on cool stuff.

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