Watch Jefferson Airplane's Illegal 1968 Rooftop Concert in Midtown Manhattan

In 1968, Jefferson Airplane setup and performed sans permits on top of the Schuyler Hotel in Midtown on West 45th Street. In this vintage — and sometimes nausea inducing — handheld video, you can see the band perform on the rooftop and watch Midtown workers from all types of professions watching out the windows of the surrounding buildings.

The band got a solid crowd going and at least one song in, but it didn’t take very long for the NYPD to show up—the concert was causing traffic jams on the surrounding streets as New Yorkers crowded around the hotel to get a better look. Although the concert was quickly broken up, it was also captured on video by none other than Jean Luc Godard and D.A. Pennebaker.

via 6sqft

West 45th St
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