[WATCH] Explore the History and Culture Surrounding New York City's "Bagel Identity"

New York City obsesses over several different types of foods: Pizza, Hot Dogs, Ramen, Poké, Bagels, and countless more obsessions. The New York City Bagel is often called the best in the world, but how did it come to be that way? And how did we come to enjoy lox and schmear on them? In this video on the excellent Food/Groups series from our friends at Thrillist, learn all about the history and culture surrounding New York City's "bagel identity."

Like most New Yorkers -- natives, transplants, whomever -- we love bagels. We love bagels so much that we did a whole episode on them last season. But we didn't quite capture the essence of this city’s bagel identity. So we're calling for a do-over. On our season finale of Food/Groups, we take on New York City's bagels (again) and this time we're diving into the history of smoked salmon, or lox, which has become a key food item to the NYC bagel tradition.

via Thrillist

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