[WATCH] 30 Minutes of Recently Restored 9/11 Footage From Ground Level

Originally captured by photojournalist Mark LaGanga of CBS News, this heartbreaking 9/11 ground level video was recently restored and enhanced, now showing the day's attacks in 60fps. Take some time today to watch this, or another 9/11 video if you can.

05:48 - Inside WTC 7 at the main lobby.
09:44 - View on the WTC-7 south face from west after WTC-2 (South Tower) collapsed, but before the collapse of WTC 1 (North Tower).
18:07 - WTC 1 collapses at 10:28am.

Videographer: Mark LaGanga/CBS News
View on WTC from: Northwest, West and Southwest
Camera Locations: West Street, Vesey Street, WTC-7 lobby, Chambers Street

via YouTube

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