Watch This Heartbreaking 90-Minute Collection of 9/11 News Coverage

YouTuber Jason Ary recently found an old VHS tape in which he recorded an hour-and-a-half of news coverage on the evening of September 11th, 2001.

Notable moments:
0-10:30 - CBS coverage with Dan Rather
10:30 - First channel change (ABC w/Peter Jennings, with local Topeka KS ticker)
12:10 - Donald Rumsfeld gives his personal account of being at the Pentagon when Flight 77 hit
14:37 - President Bush arrives by helicopter at the White House
20:19 - First shot of Lower Manhattan
31:34 - PBS coverage with footage of Colin Powell's reaction to the attacks from Lima, Peru
37:46 - Attorney General John Ashcroft asks the public for help and info on the attacks
40:00 - First channel change to a non-news channel (Food Network)
40:17 - HGTV
40:29 - MTV
45:30 - Joint moment of silence from the House and Senate on the Capitol steps
47:31 - TLC
49:11 - TNN (The Nashville Network)
50:02 - Mass for Bombing Victims (channel unknown)
50:24 - SpeedVision - including FOX SportsNet tribute for colleague who passed on Flight 11
53:05 - QVC
53:52 - Home Shopping Network
54:15 - CourtTV
56:02 - CMT (Country Music Television)
58:40 - First report of # potential missing firefighters
1:00:10 - Families of victims from 9/11 flights arriving at LAX
1:01:47 - MSNBC coverage
1:03:09 - Firefighter gearing-up to go into the south tower AFTER the north tower collapsed and warnings were given south tower was about to collapse
1:04:20 - First look at Ground Zero
1:06:22 - FOX News - first signs of heavy equipment at Ground Zero
1:08:35 - First discussions of potential fatality numbers, fears of 20,000+
1:12:52 - First mention of Flight 93 crash
1:15:30 - CNBC
1:17:31 - Hillary Clinton's first interview on the attacks
1:20:42 - Interview with two survivors who barely escaped the collapse of the towers
1:25:14 - First photos of jumpers aired (potentially disturbing)

via /r/videos

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