Vivienne Gucwa Captures Another Incredible Sunset Photograph Over Lower Manhattan

Sunset Over Manhattan
Sunset Over Manhattan

One of our favorite NYC street photographers, Vivienne Gucwa (previously), was recently on the Top of the Rock and captured this incredible summer sunset over Midtown and Lower Manhattan.

The photographer accompanied her capture with this poem.

New York City, The sky smoldered that evening, as the sun rode down towards, a blushing horizon, leaving a trail of glowing embers in its wake. And our hearts were beating, to the rhythm of the skyline: heart beats that traveled, up and down the, rising crescendos and diminuendos, of the tops of skyscrapers, resting finally, on the trailed off sentences, we uttered, as our lips met.

Vivienne Gucwa takes amazing photos all around New York for her photo blog NY Through the Lens, and she has even released a collection of her best shots as a coffee-table photo book of the same name. You can purchase her best-selling book NY Through the Lens on Amazon for just $22.

Matt Coneybeare

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