JumpIn!, a Ballpit for Adults Coming to SoHo Later This Month

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JumpIn!: The viral installation comes stateside
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JumpIn!: The viral installation comes stateside

Ever since I was a few years past the “recommended age” for ball pits I have longed to get back in one. At fast food restaurants I see the pits calling my name, but the rational fear of being the “creepy old dude” held me back. Also the fear of dirty needles and rotting corpses which may lie underneath the never-once-cleaned balls.

Luckily, a British creative agency named Pearlfisher has created a ball pit just for me with no kids allowed, and 81,000 pristine, shiny white plastic balls. They claim that playing in the pit will bring more creative thinking, so I’m gonna find out and let you know.

As a leading creative agency, Pearlfisher is renowned for championing creativity in incredibly diverse ways. As studies have shown that play can bring about extraordinary results for creative thinking, the agency created an interactive installation made up of 81,000 white balls, and invited clients, friends and the public to come JumpIn! and experience the power of play first hand.

When in the U.K. last winter, the event was a smash hit, and now the pit is coming stateside to Pearlfisher’s SoHo branch.

The JumpIn! ball pit is on the 5th floor of 455 Broadway in SoHo from August 21st through September 21st, Monday through Fridays @ 10am to 4pm. Oh yeah, and it’s completely FREE. Reserve an appointment here.


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