Vintage Photograph of Lincoln Tunnel's Opening Day: December 22nd, 1937

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A number of army trucks roll down the ramp into the brand new Lincoln Tunnel. This view shows the New York entrance, at W. 38th St.
Photo: NYDN

The New York Daily News recently reposted a 78-year old article originally printed on December 22, 1937. In the article, the paper talks about the grand opening of midtown’s Lincoln Tunnel.

The City of Skyscrapers yesterday opened its costliest hole in the ground - the $85,000,000 Lincoln Tunnel, connecting 38th St., Manhattan, with Weehawken, N.J. Guns boomed, lights flashed and sirens screamed as ceremonies at both ends marked completion of the initial half of the twin tubes burrowed under the Hudson to aid in freeing mid-Manhattan from its traffic snarl.

Read the original article for a vintage look at the grand opening of this integral New York City traffic conduit.

via NYDN

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