Vintage Film Covers the Grand Opening of Port Authority Bus Terminal in 1950

The Port Authority Bus Terminal is not know for being a grand marvel of architecture, but rather the opposite. There have even been architectural articles published on exactly why and how it turned out to be such a monstrosity. The building wasn't always hated though, and this video from 1950 as part of the Milestones of the Century series shows off "amazing" features like escalators and coffee shops.

In 1950, when the gleaming, efficient-looking Port Authority Bus Terminal at Eighth Avenue and 41st Street opened, the place was on the receiving end of lots of love. Just listen to this promotional newsreel on the new terminal, which raves about the escalators, the shops, the 31 bus ticket windows you can visit for a ticket to “any city of town in the United States.”

Matt Coneybeare

Matt Coneybeare

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