Vintage Colorized Photograph Shows Aftermath of the 1920 Wall Street Bombing

Bombing on Wall Street, 1920 (Colorized)
Bombing on Wall Street, 1920 (Colorized)
Photo: Zoe Martin

On September 16, 1920 the Stock Exchange, the Sub-Treasury building (today’s Federal Hall), and most importantly J.P. Morgan’s headquarters on 23 Wall Street — were all very active when an unidentified man led a horse and carriage down the congested street, fighting to get past crowds, until it rested at the corner about 100 feet east of Broad.

This vintage photograph shows the aftermath of the 1920 Wall Street bombing. The added color by colorization artist Zoe Martin really helps you imagine what it would have been like that day nearly one hundred years ago. Here is a Google StreetView of what Wall Street looks like today from approximately the same vantage point:

via r/nyc

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