[VIDEO] The Not-So-Secret Secret to Crown Heights Favorite Glady's Jerk Chicken is Fire

Glady's is a popular Caribbean restaurant in Crown Heights that serves up delicious and authentic Caribbean food and cocktails. Some of their more popular dishes are the Goat Curry, Oxtail Stew and Jerk Chicken, all Caribbean favorites. In this video from Munchies, watch as the not-so-secret secret behind their incredible jerk chicken is revealed.

Welcome to Open Fire, where we explore the various ways different cultures cook over live fire, as our host Cara Nicoletti, a fourth-generation butcher, learns the craft, practice, and philosophy of each dish. In this episode, Cara meets with chef Junior Felix from Glady’s in Brooklyn to learn how to cook his famous jerk chicken. This chicken is marinated for 24 hours before it’s grilled over oak and pimento wood and finished off in a smoker, resulting in a dish that’s truly the flavor of fire.

via Munchies

Matt Coneybeare

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