[VIDEO] Take a Nighttime Stroll Through the East Village in This 4K Walking Tour

YouTuber actionkid105 recently captured this interesting 45 minute, unedited, nighttime walk though the East Village of Manhattan. Check it out!

Enjoy this Walking Tour of Manhattan's East Village, where a bustling nightlife scene brings many people to restaurants, cafes, bars, and social gatherings around this NYC neighborhood.

1:40 - 1st Avenue & 2nd Street
3:50 - 1st Avenue & 4th Street
6:14 - 1st Avenue & 6th Street
8:28 - St. Mark's Place & 1st Avenue (Heading West on St. Mark's Place)
11:05 - St. Mark's Place & 2nd Avenue
14:10 - 3rd Avenue & St. Mark's Place (Heading North on 3rd Avenue)
15:20 - 9th Street & 3rd Avenue (Heading East on 9th Street)
17:11 - 2nd Avenue & 9th Street (Heading North on 2nd Avenue)
19:28 - 2nd Avenue & 11th Street
22:30 - 14th Street & 2nd Avenue (Heading East on 14th Street)
24:45 - 1st Avenue & 14th Street (Heading South on 1st Avenue)
27:01 - 1st Avenue & 12th Street
29:22 - 1st Avenue & 10th Street (Horrible Jaywalking Technique)
31:47 - St. Mark's Place & 1st Avenue (Heading West on St. Mark's Place)
34:53 - Avenue A & St. Mark's Place (Heading South on Avenue A)
37:10 - Avenue A & 4th Street
38:48 - Avenue A & 2nd Street
39:52 - Houston Street & Avenue A (Heading West on Houston Street)
40:58 - Houston Street & Ludlow Street
43:15 - Houston Street & Allen Street (becomes 1st Avenue on the North Side of this intersection)
45:12 - A bunch of cars drive in the bicycle lane
46:15 - Houston Street & Chrystie Street (becomes 2nd Avenue on the North Side of this intersection)

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Matt Coneybeare

Matt Coneybeare

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