Video Shows a Day in the Life of a Seamless Delivery Guy

We tend to take our delivery men and women for granted, ordering through rain and snow, during crazy high temperatures and crazy low. A new video from the Huffington Post follows a Seamless delivery biker through a day’s work.

Gabriel Martinez Rios is one of thousands of restaurant workers who are responsible for your gastronomical delight. He delivers meals to hungry New York City residents by way of his bicycle, spending approximately 40 hours of his week transporting orders for S’MAC, a New York City restaurant that specializes in macaroni and cheese dishes. On a rainy afternoon shift in March, Rios strapped a GoPro to his bike helmet and captured what he says is a typical workday.

Check out the accompanying article on the Huffington Post for more info on delivery bikers in the City.

Matt Coneybeare

Matt Coneybeare

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