[VIDEO] Queer Women and Nonbinary Characters Try to Keep a Brooklyn Diner Afloat in "Dinette" Season 2

The comedy web-series Dinette (previously) follows a group of female and gender-non-conforming friends who come in and out of each other's lives at a diner in Clinton Hill, Brooklyn. The web-series is about to drop a six-episode second season, with some high-profile cast additions. Check it out!

The staff and regulars of a Brooklyn-based diner scramble to keep their favorite hangout afloat after the sudden death of its owner. Mick (Drae Campbell), Dee (Donna Wood), Karolena (Karolena Theresa), White Rachel (Jaqueline Fouasnon) and Jaq (Jude Dry)  juggle one situation after another when the new owner, Luisa (Alysia Reiner), shows up. Meanwhile, Norah (Maeve Higgins) and Lucille (Mona Chalabi) are busy helping a Syrian asylum seeker (Karim Nematt) who’s hiding out in a local church.

Matt Coneybeare

Matt Coneybeare

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