[VIDEO] Peek Inside Ikinari Steak, a East Village Steakhouse With No Chairs

Ikinari Steak is a newly opened quick-service steakhouse in the East Village that is built on the concept of feeding people steak as quickly as possible. The restaurant is famous for its stand-up chairs in place of regular seating. In this video from our friends at Thrillist, see what it's all about.

Ikinari Steak operates under the concept of delivering high-quality steak to its customers as quickly as possible. It’s like a hybrid of a butcher shop and a steakhouse: Choose your own piece of meat at the counter and pay by the gram (the minimum order of ribeye is 300g for $27), then watch a butcher cut it right in front of you. The steak is then served rare on a cast-iron platter and can be eaten at one of the standing-room only high-tops in the dining area.

Check out the accompanying article for more info.

via Thrillist

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