[VIDEO] Explore the State of New York City's Dim Sum Scene: Modern vs. Traditional

Dim Sum has been around in New York City forever, with traditional places like Chinatown's Joy Luck Palace serving up small dishes via pushcart for decades. But rising rents, smaller spaces, and expanding neighborhoods has brought forth a new wave of modern Dim Sum spots such as Tim Ho Wan that reinvent dishes, ditch the push cart, and amass long lines. In this video from Zagat, watch as producer Billy Lyons explores both places to see the difference in person.

Hong Kong dim sum specialist Tim Ho Wan's recent opening in NYC's East Village was met with massive praise, but how does it differ from the traditional dining experience New Yorkers love about the cuisine? Zagat editor Billy Lyons visited the newly opened restaurant along with local Chinatown favorite Joy Luck Palace to learn more about this dim sum debate.

via Zagat

Matt Coneybeare

Matt Coneybeare

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