Veteran NYC Graffiti Artist Andre Charles Protects His Work Through Copyright

Graffiti artist Andres Charles has been painting the City streets for decades. Over the past several years, theft of his original designs have led to decreased business for him, so he lawyered up!

Charles has been a fixture in New York’s street art scene for nearly 30 years and was among the first to make a living through his pursuits. But for the past few years he’s been encountering a form of theft that would have been impossible until recently. It was three or four years ago that he began to notice cellphone cases, T-shirts, purses, and bookbags, all featuring images of his work. At first he was amused, but the more he saw, the angrier he got. Now he has an attorney.

Read through Charles’ recent profile piece in the Village Voice for a fascinating glimpse into the world where street art and intellectual property collide.

Matt Coneybeare

Matt Coneybeare

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