U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Propose Giant Hurricane Barrier Across New York Harbor

Lower Manhattan
Lower Manhattan
Photo: j.c peaguda

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers recently recommended a giant steel and concrete hurricane barrier that would span New York Harbor, protecting the City from storm surges and flooding.

The proposal will undoubtedly be controversial, given that such a barrier could cost $20 billion or more, and will take years to plan and build. Environmentalists meanwhile fear that the barriers, even with movable gates, would seriously impede the flow of sea life and water. (Riverkeeper says the proposal "threaten[s] the very life of the Hudson River.") But others argue that barriers are a more secure and centralized way of protecting the metropolitan region than the piecemeal approach undertaken so far.

Check out the accompanying article on WNYC for more.

via WNYC

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