Army Corps' Plan to Build a Great Hurricane Wall in Staten Island

A Great Wall of Staten Island to Ward Off Hurricanes
A Great Wall of Staten Island to Ward Off Hurricanes
Photo: WNYC

When 2 hurricanes slammed the east shore of Staten Island 50 years back, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers came up with a plan to build a massive seawall and levee system that stretched four miles along the beach, above and below the water line. Due to lack in funding, plans were scrapped, until now.

Now, the Army Corps has unveiled a plan for another levee. This time it’s taller, stronger and prettier. (It will feature vegetated slopes and a boardwalk on top.) And it looks like it is largely funded: nearly two-thirds of the $579 million price tag will come from the federal Sandy Aid bill passed by Congress in January 2013, and New York City has already set aside its portion: $60 million. New York state is also being asked to contribute $140 million. A spokesman for the Department of Environmental Conservation, Tom Mailey, said the state had siogned off on the plan but did not specify whether it would would contribute financially.

Listen above and read through the original article for more info on the proposed Staten Island Hurricane Wall.

via WNYC

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