This Secret Hidden Restaurant in NoHo Serves Some of the Best Wagyu in New York City

American Wagyu Beef in NYC’s Most Secret Restaurant — Prime Time
American Wagyu Beef in NYC’s Most Secret Restaurant — Prime Time
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Bohemian is a unique Japanese steakhouse tucked behind a Japanese butcher shop in Noho. While many savvy New Yorkers know about the restaurant, they still haven't been because before you can dine there, Bohemian requires you to have a referral from somebody who has already been. But, once inside, you can find some of the City's absolute best Wagyu prepared in numerous, equally delicious, ways. Check it out in this video from our friends at Eater.

On this episode of Prime Time, hosts Ben Turley and Brent Young head to Bohemian in NYC, a restaurant intending to build community while serving delicious cuts of beef. In the kitchen, the guys try out wagyu beef sashimi, wagyu beef tartare, and a cooked washugyu steak.

via Eater

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