This Company Will Make A Perfect New York City Subway Sign Replica For You

Sideway Signs is an Ohio-based company that specializes in making signs that look exactly like the New York City subway signs that you can find anywhere in the City. Each one of their sign products are handcrafted and made out of wood.

All our signs are made in Ohio and each one is made by hand for the highest quality. We don't use any stickers, or vinyl letters on our signs. Each sign is made with a stencil and hand painted or done through the process of screen printing. It has taken years to master these processes to create the desired results.

Sideway Signs has a special license deal with the MTA to sell authorized New York subway sign replicas, making it possible to create a 100% authentic look. You can get a specific one from any station or you can customize it to your liking in any size — Sideways Signs will make everything from small 5 inch long signs to 6 foot long subway signs.

Veronika Kostova

Veronika Kostova

Contributing Writer

Veronika is in her twenties and is studying marketing and design. She loves to travel, discover the world and its delicious foods, and finds inspiration in the City’s arts scene. She never turns down a challenge, especially on the volleyball court.

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