There is a Pinball Bar Hidden Inside Greenpoint's Sunshine Laundromat

Sunshine Laundry in Greenpoint on Manhattan Avenue is just like every other laundromat, with coin operated washers and dryers, some vending machines, detergent and folding tables. There is one big difference between Sunshine and other laundromats though… this one has a pinball speakeasy and bar hidden away in the back.

A recent renovation has divided (mostly, anyway) the pinball machines from the washers and dryers. Soundproofing has softened the noise somewhat. And a speakeasy door in the back, fashioned from the fronts of two vertically stacked dryers, now leads to a 1,000-square-foot arcade with 23 pinball machines, a photo booth and a coin-operated fortunetelling chimp, along with a wine and beer bar

Check out the full article for more on the pinball speakeasy.

via NYT

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