The Secret Behind Chinatown Fruit Stand Economics

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i love ny - the green grocer edition

How is fresh produce in Chinatown so cheap? From $8 for a 20 pound box of mangoes to ginger for 50 cents a pound, the deals in Chinatown can’t be beat. Investigative journalist Anne Kadet of the Wall Street Journal, recently delved into the mystery and came to a surprisingly simple conclusion:

Chinatown’s green grocers, in contrast [to mainstream supermarkets], buy their stock from a handful of small wholesalers operating from tiny warehouses right in the neighborhood… Because the wholesalers are in Chinatown, they can deliver fresh produce several times a day, eliminating the need for retailers to maintain storage space or refrigeration

Check out the full report for more information about the economics of Chinatown.

Joshua Mu

Joshua Mu

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