New York City Push Cart Economics Driving Many to Operate Illegally

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The Food Cart | These ugly food carts can be seen blocking every great camera angle throughout New York City. Every monument, museum, and attraction is now crowded with the eyesore.

For many immigrants, the American Dream begins with the operation of a street cart due to the low start-up cost. However, as competition has grown, the number of permits in existence has not changed to accomodate the over-crowded space.

[…] the number available is capped at 3,000 in the cold season, plus 1,000 more from April to October, and there’s a waiting list to get one. That creates a market for the permits, dominated by savvy underground permit holders who rent them out to the actual vendors—the going rate was $15,000-$20,000 for a two-year lease

Between the lack of permits, outrageous prices, and escalating costs, many of New York City’s iconic pushcarts are forced to operate illegally. Read the full article for more info on the push cart crisis in New York City.

via Reason

Joshua Mu

Joshua Mu

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