The New 5 Pointz is in an Abandoned Industrial Area in Queens, The Iron Triangle

Our friends over at Vice recently explored the Iron Triangle, a small neighborhood of Queens tucked behind Citi field and now known as Willets Point.

Once populated by over 100 bustling auto body shops and junkyards, an eerie quiet has now settled over its pothole-riddled streets.[…]But dig among the abandoned garages, piles of trash, and skeletal remains of cars and you’ll find a treasure trove of tags, painted characters, and colorful, intricate letters forming an almost-natural bond with the desolate scenery. This is Willets Point, a.k.a. the “Iron Triangle,” and it’s become a playground for some of the most talented graffiti writers in New York City over the last few years.

Check out the full article for more on the Iron Triangle and what you can find there.

Willets Point

via Vice

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