The Midtown Blanket, a Beautiful Slow Motion Times Square Blizzard Movie From Philip Bloom

By now you have probably seen dozens of amazing blizzard videos, inclding our viral Above New York aerial video, so we promise this will be the last one we post.

Well-known British filmmaker Philip Bloom hit Times Square during the blizzard to film this beautiful slow motion capture of the mid-storm activity.

A couple of hours out in a blanketed with snow Times Square in New York. Filmed on the 23rd January during “Snowpocalypse” with a just purchased Sony FS5. All shot in 240fps high frame rate mode. Most of flicker removed from image with plug in “Flicker Free” from Digital Anarchy.

The music featured in the video is Winter Solstice — Andrew Judah

Times Square

Matt Coneybeare

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