Streets, an Amazing Slow Motion Capture on the Streets of Manhattan, Brooklyn and Queens

Brooklyn cinematographer Tim Sessler owns and operates a great film company called Brooklyn Aerials.

While they normally specialize in amazing aerial videos, the team captured this amazing slow-motion video on the streets of Manhattan, Brooklyn and Queens using a special camera rig called the Firefly Tero.

We were shooting for three days with the primary idea to get super slow-mo Phantom Miro shots at very high speeds during the day and very symmetric, composed shots with the RED Epic Dragon at night. Especially the effect of freezing those iconic and special NYC moments with super slow-motion (1,500 to 2,000fps), yet adding a camera move and parallax to those scenes interested me the most.

For more on how the incredible video came together, check out this blog post or watch this behind-the-scenes video below.

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