"The Fabricant Way" Web Series Takes You Inside New York's Creative Makers

Hidden inside industrial buildings and peeking out behind brightly painted storefront windows are some of New York’s most innovative businesses. Without a guide you wouldn’t realize that around the corner, the Neon King of New York is creating interactive light installations or that two women are selling curated art alongside sex toys.

These videos are part of The Fabricant Way web series, where award-winning graphic designer Jennifer Dopazo takes you inside local businesses that make you say, “I didn’t know you could make a living doing that!”

Jennifer recently launched a Kickstarter campaign to help fund a second season of The Fabricant Way, so she can share more untold stories. Season two fabricants would include a portrait painter of local New York characters and a husband-wife team making herbal remedies from their homegrown herb farm.

The campaign already has over $1,600 pledged towards the modest $20k goal. Backers get rewards that range from a shout-out on the website to personalized video trailers for your business.

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Matt Coneybeare

Matt Coneybeare

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