City's Cats Finally Have a Voice Through Felines of New York City

Since 2010, Brandon Stanton of Humans of New York has been popularizing a new form of photojournalism. Now, comedian Jim Tews is tapping into this trend to create a parody site run exactly like HONY, but centered around cats.

Felines of New York features original portraits of the City’s felines in their homes, captioned with the pet’s inner thoughts according to Tews. Topics range from mundane cat activities to deeper musings about the responsibilities that accompany having nine lives. Unsurprisingly, cats and satire make for a very good mix.

And just like HONY, there is an awesome coffee table book available for purchase of Amazon.

Maggie Jeffers

Maggie Jeffers

Contributing Writer

Maggie is a recent graduate of Vassar College, where she majored in English and learned that she has no tolerance for the Poughkeepsie cold. She loves all things related to food, TV, movies, and music, and enjoys playing the violin and surfing the web in her spare time.

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