Subway Talents, a New Social Media Site for Subway Performers and Their Fans

It's happened to all of us. Waiting for a train we hear a sliver of an amazing song from a performer, but the train is coming and there is no time to investigate. It's how I first heard the incredibly talented Gabriel Mayers at an F stop. Now, a new website seeks to help you reconnect with the musicians in situations like these, and more.

Subway Talents is a nonprofit organization based in New York with a mission to build an online platform for subway performers to showcase their skills and help everyday people explore the underground culture worldwide.

The site is live now, but the team behind Subway Talents is currently seeking $10,000 in crowdfunding assistance through an Indiegogo campaign to keep up with the surge of popularity in the site recently.

We need funds to grow our video team, because right now it's only one of the co-founders that's handling all the video related aspect of the business. We are backed up with videos that need to be edit, a lot of new and old performers that need to be recorded, a lot of shows to cover, and so much more. We also need money to upgrade our video equipment so we can capture great high quality content to provide to both, the performers and the audience.

Perks for donors range from a thank you email to a hand-painted sidewalk portrait.

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Matt Coneybeare

Matt Coneybeare

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