Staten Island Drivers Can Now Play Streetside Basketball With Their Trash Instead of Littering

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We also added reflectors to make the wastebasket more visible and easier for people to toss their garbage.

To combat pileups of streetside litter and trash, Staten Island has installed a new trash bin designed with a “backboard” that can help drivers in passing cars hit their mark when throwing something out.

Staten Islanders who can’t be bothered to dispose of their trash before entering or after exiting their cars can now get rid of it from the comfort of their vehicles. That is, if they happen to be driving past the corner of North Gannon and Bradley avenues, where on Saturday the city installed a pilot version of new trash can with a special accessory designed to help drivers who insist on throwing garbage out the window get it into an appropriate receptacle.

It kind of makes me wish I still had a car!

via Gothamist

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