Smiling Hogshead Ranch, a Guerilla Garden on an Abandoned Railroad Track in Queens

Smiling Hogshead Ranch is a public garden and community group that got its start as a "guerilla garden" in 2011, planting flowers and trees in a long-abandoned section of railroad tracks in Long Island City, Queens.

It started as a “guerilla garden”, meaning that the gardeners did not have permission from the property owner to use or occupy the land. But when the property’s owner, the Long Island Rail Road, took notice, the gardeners worked with the railroad to secure a lease to allow them to continue using the property as an urban farm. The name “Smiling Hogshead” was inspired by the pig skeleton the gardeners discovered when they were first clearing the site.

Similar to the High Line, the modern garden and park incorporates much of the original track and reclaimed wood.

Matt Coneybeare

Matt Coneybeare

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